Low Back Pain Evaluation & Treatment

Our "Symptom of the Week" outreach program is providing complimentary evaluation and treatment for low back pain for a limited time.  In keeping with our mission to end unnecessary sickness, disease and suffering in our community our "Symptom of the Week" program offers a complimentary package of services done over a couple of visits to

Spring into Health

We are driven to help the people you care about!  During the month of April, any Friend or Family member that you Refer to our office for help will receive their entire New Patient Evaluation for only $29!  This is the perfect opportunity for you to do the following: Take your health to the next

Healthy Holidays

Arm Yourself Against Cancer

We are excited to bring you this months Healthy Living Workshop entitled: Arm Yourself Against Cancer. It is expected that within the next 20 years the cancer rates in our country are going to double! However, you and your loved ones don't have to become a part of this horrible statistic IF you learn the

Red, White and Blue Chiropractic

This month our special promotion is entitled Red, White and Blue Chiropractic is for you.As we continue on our mission to save and transform lives in our community we bring to you this opportunity for all Americans to participate! As Americans, we live in the sickest industrialized country in the world, which means that if

Man Up Chiropractic Adjustment

Man-Up Chiropractic Adjustment Promotion.