This month our special promotion is entitled Red, White and Blue Chiropractic is for you.

As we continue on our mission to save and transform lives in our community we bring to you this opportunity for all Americans to participate! As Americans, we live in the sickest industrialized country in the world, which means that if you live the same lifestyle as every other American out there your chances of becoming unhealthy are almost 90%!

We our patients know this which is why we continually strive to teach everyone the truth about health and healing. Health doesn’t come by accident. It comes through hard work and repetition to healthy lifestyle habits.

If you or someone you know is suffering from headaches, back pain, is overweight and/suffering from some other health condition & they are AMERICAN then invite them to take advantage of our special promotion which includes all exams, x–rays and their first treatment for only $25! These services usually run between $250 – $300.

To learn more, or to sign up click on the following link: