Medical Conditions treated at Health Solutions Chiropractic in Cheyenne, WY

We don’t “treat” any condition. When doctors state that they are “treating” your condition what they really should be saying is that they are managing the symptom(s) of your condition.  The reason we get such amazing, long lasting results with our patients is because we understand the fact that the body was designed to be a self-healing, self-regulating organism.  We understand that true health and healing can only come from within, that it doesn’t come from a pill, a potion or a lotion.  It comes from finding and removing any interference contributing to abnormal function of the body and then letting the body begin the process of healing and repairing itself on its own.

Treating conditions (symptoms) vs. Improving function

To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at someone with high blood pressure and examine the difference in philosophy between what we do in our office and what would be considered “normal” treatment.

If someone is diagnosed with high blood pressure the typical treatment for the high blood pressure would be to prescribe the person a medication such as Lisinopril or Atenolol. These medications would in turn make the blood thinner, thereby decreasing the work rate of the heart and ultimately the blood pressure would be “under control”.  However, the problem is, if you take away the medications the blood pressure returns so the problem is still there. The person is just masking or treating the symptom of having high blood pressure.  Typically, if we were to now fast forward five years that same person most likely on 2, 3, or 5 medications to “manage” their blood pressure problem.  In ten years that same person has a heart attack even though they were “managing” their condition for ten years!  Again, “normal” treatment is about treating the symptom.  In order for true health and healing to occur we can’t look at the symptoms of disease processes, we must look at what is causing the disease processes.

The majority of the time the true cause of high blood pressure is due to the fact that the person suffering from high blood pressure has had a poor diet and has made poor lifestyle choices for years. These poor choices over time ultimately caused plaque to be deposited into the arteries of the body which in turn caused the blood vessels to have a smaller diameter for the blood to travel through. As a result, the heart had to work harder to get the same amount of blood to all the tissues (increased pressure). Understanding that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism we would then begin to teach this person how to begin the process of eliminating the foods that are causing the problem (the promotion of plaque), how to implement good eating habits and how to start a healthy exercise routine. In doing so, we remove the interference to normal body function and the body would start to repair itself and begin the process of removing the plaque deposited in the arteries. Over time, now with normal, healthy arteries the patient no longer has high blood pressure and they are off of their high blood pressure medications altogether.  Again, this is all due to the fact that the body is a self healing organism and if you focus on the cause of the problem and not the symptom the body will begin to heal and repair itself.

People often mistake what we do as “treating” conditions because of the results we get.  However, we get results not because we are treating conditions, rather, we get results because we understand the tenants of natural law and we follow the tenants of natural law.  We don’t treat our patient’s condition(s).  We remove interference to normal body function to allow your body to do what it was designed to do.  Heal and repair itself!