ADD and ADHD has been on an exponential rise over the past two decades.  According to US government statistics 1 in 10 children are now diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD and it seems that there is no end in sight.  More concerning is that the majority of these children have been put on antipsychotic medications which have been linked to cause brain damage, depression, hallucinations, liver damage, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, sudden death and suicide.

What upsets me most is that there is plenty of research which clearly shows that lifestyle factors such as food additives and GMO products, Omega-3 deficiencies, dysbiosis (not enough good bacteria in the gut), sugar, gluten as well as toxins (both bio-toxins and neuro-toxins) and nerve system stressors can and do have a causal relationship to ADD/ADHD.  Again, when we start looking at getting back to the true cause of these diseases we must start looking at the function of the body from a mechanical, neurological and nutritional standpoint.  Understanding that any abnormal function to these normal body processes can create abnormal function and disease is key to getting to the true cause of these issues and resolving the problem.

We have seen many “miracles” occur in our office when a child’s body is given the opportunity to heal and repair itself once the root cause of the neurological, mechanical or nutritional stressor is identified and removed.  Obviously, putting more and more toxins into the body (antipsychotic medications) is not the answer.  If it were we would be seeing the rising ADD/ADHD statistics start to fall instead of continuing its meteoric trend.  Most parents fall into the trap of having their children on these dangerous antipsychotic medications for life because it gets extremely scary when it is your child that is the one who is sick however, we urge our patients to ask themselves two questions.  “Do you think your child has ADD/ADHD because they suffer from a Wellbutrin deficiency? Or, do you think it’s more likely that your child has been inundated with physical, chemical and neurological stressors that are now causing abnormal biological function of the body which expresses itself as ADD/ADHD?”

At Health Solutions we we take a whole body approach and follow Dr. Thompson’s RENEW program with ADD/ADHD patients.

First we look to see if there are any abnormal nerve system stressors and if stressors are found we use our advanced chiropractic spinal rehabilitation protocols to Restore nerve system function.  Next, we evaluate to see if your child’s dietary habits and toxic exposures may be contributing to the problem and if so we begin the process of Eliminating any of these bad foods & toxins so that the body can start repairing itself.  In addition, we always make sure to Nourish the mind and teach all involved the truth of sickness and disease and how they can become active participants in their recovery.  Then we evaluate the patient’s physical health and develop a program to Energize the body with metabolic conditioning designed to build lean muscle and oxygenate the 70 trillion cells of the body.  Finally, we make sure to develop a plan of attack going forward so our patients can experience Wellness for life!