Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are some of the most difficult cases that come into our office.  There are many intricacies to facilitating the health of an Autistic child but the fact of the matter remains that the underlying cause of the the child being somewhere on the autism spectrum scale seems to be no different than any other neurotoxic disorder.

Research by Dr. Martin Pall has shown that Autistic children are plagued by oxidative stress, inflammation as well as damaging free radicals in the brain.  He goes into very specific and scientific explanations about the biochemistry of this stress but what is evident in his research is that the neurotoxins causing this mal function in the body are caused by and due to exposures that are prevalent in western culture, lifestyle and diet.  Since our RENEW program deals specifically with eliminating stored toxins in the body and enhancing body function to facilitate the removal of those toxins we see our autistic patients make great improvements just from our program alone.  However, with that being said, we also send the majority of these patients out to other specialists that we work with for additional help with toxin removal and fine tuning of dietary needs.  Although parents will find the change of lifestyle for their autistic child the hardest battle they will face during treatment this dual pronged, co-management approach has been extremely successful for many of our autistic patients and is well worth it in the end.