Auto Accident Injury

It’s obvious to know you are injured when you are in a significant motor vehicle accident; however most people have significant injuries when their car has sustained little or no damage and they don’t even realize it.  Research has shown that people in minor accidents of speeds less than 10 mph have some of the worst injuries.

This is due to the law of physics that states; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Cars weigh thousands of pounds.  Back in the days of steel bumpers that crumpled when they were struck with a force the vehicle took the energy from the crash.  Now, with cars being so expensive we have bumpers that “give” so we don’t damage our car.  Problem is that that energy is then transferred to the occupants in the car and not the car itself.

Unfortunately, people in these motor vehicle accidents usually experience symptoms of soreness for a couple of days after the accident and then they mistakenly think that as soon as the symptoms go away that they are fine.  However, many of these people suffer from what is called delayed onset of symptoms when they are involved in these types of accidents.  Six months to a year after the accident occurred they begin to experience pain, migraines, numbness, tingling and other symptoms.  Many times the accident is so far in the past that they don’t even relate the “new” symptoms as being caused by the accident.  Insurance companies understand that this happens all the time so they make it a point to call people involved in accidents a couple weeks after their crash (when they know they are feeling pretty good) and they offer settlements that cover all the medical bills up to that point in time with “a little extra” in case the person may need to see a doctor in the future.  The insurance company’s game is to pay the person a little extra early on in the injury process when they know the person is feeling pretty good and are thinking that they aren’t injured.    Once the settlement is agreed upon the accident victim is then left holding the bag for any and all treatments when the delayed symptoms arise because they had settled the case early.

It is critical after being in an accident, no matter how minor it was to have a thorough biomechanical evaluation done by a specialist that is trained in these types of injuries and what is needed to treat these conditions to ensure that complete healing occurs.