Back and Neck Pain

Many patients come into our office because they are suffering from some sort of pain. What many of them don’t realize is that the majority of the time this pain is not the problem.  The problem is the something that is causing the pain, and when this something is located then real treatment can finally occur and we can begin the process of correcting the cause of the pain.

When patients with pain come into the office the first thing we have to do is to find out if the pain is caused by a simple muscle or ligament problem or if the pain is caused by a nerve problem (subluxation) which is much worse. We run a battery of tests including nerve system scans, x-rays, and orthopedic tests to determine where the pain is coming from.  If the problem stems from a muscle or ligament problem, then treatment is pretty simple.  However, if the pain is being caused by a nerve problem (subluxation of the spine) then proceeding further is far more complex.

Finding out if the pain is a nerve problem or a muscle or ligament problem is critical to care because a nerve problem can also be causing abnormal function of the cells, tissues and organs that the nerve is supplying.  It is extremely common for patients to come in because of back pain and as we start to treat the cause of the pain other symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation etc seem to go away as well. These are many of the so called “miracles” that my patients talk about happening to them in the office but they aren’t miracles at all… it’s just basic physiology.

When people think of nerves they automatically think of pain. However, only 4% of all the nerves in our body send pain messages to our brain. The other 96% of all nerves in the body don’t send pain signals. They send messages of function to all the cells, tissues and organs so your heart can beat, your lungs can breathe and your intestines can digest food. Science has now shown us that at the nerve root level we have to have up to 40% loss of function or compression of the nerves before we trigger enough of the pain fibers (nociceptors) that we actually perceive the pain.  In addition, science has also showed us that the function of a nerve fiber (and hence the function of the cells, tissues and organs that it supplies) can be reduced dramatically by just the weight of a dime!  That means that the person with lower back pain can be suffering with abnormal function of the nerves supplying the intestines, reproductive organs etc (think constipation, IBS) for quite some time before they experience any pain.  When we start to take pressure off of the nerves with our corrective chiropractic procedures and their bowel movement become more regular many patients think it is a “miracle” but it’s simply just science and physiology.

We believe that subluxation and nerve system function is the missing link in health care today.  It’s common knowledge that your brain controls all function in the body through the nervous system yet only 1% of the population goes to a corrective chiropractor to have their nerve system checked!  Just think of how bad our tooth decay would be if only 1% of the population went to the dentist.

Spinal pain can be a serious problem even though it’s not that bad and even if it just started if in fact the pain is being caused by subluxation of the spine and not just a simple muscle or ligament problem.  At Health Solutions we take a whole body approach and follow the RENEW program with neck, mid-back and lower back pain patients.  First we look to see if there are any abnormal nerve system stressors (subluxation) located in the spine and if subluxations are found we use our advanced chiropractic spinal rehabilitation procedures to Restore nerve system function.  Next, we evaluate to see if there are any abnormal dietary habits and toxic exposures that may be contributing to the problem and if so we begin the process of Eliminating any of these bad foods & toxins so that the body can start repairing itself.

In addition, we always make sure to Nourish the mind and teach all involved the truth of sickness and disease and how they can become active participants in their recovery.  Then we evaluate the patient’s physical health and develop a program to Energize the body with metabolic conditioning designed to build lean muscle and oxygenate the 70 trillion cells of the body.  Finally, we make sure to develop a plan of attack going forward so our patients can experience Wellness for life.