Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines are common, but they’re not normal! In fact headaches are a HUGE red flag in my office. Some research has shown that up to 95% of all headaches are cervicogenic in nature which means that they are caused by problems in the cervical spine. The reason headaches are a red flag to me is that many times the symptom of having headaches is actually caused by abnormal alignment (subluxation) in the upper cervical region of the spine.

Your brain controls every cell, tissue and organ in the entire body and there is an extension of your brain called your brain stem that is found in the upper cervical area (that place just below the back of your head). When subluxation is present in this area, not only does it cause headaches (the symptom) more importantly it can cause abnormal function of the most critical part of your nerve system which in turn can cause abnormal function to any organ below the base of your skull. I personally believe that treating headaches and migraines with medications is about the worst thing someone can do for their health and vitality. People must remember that headaches are symptoms and symptoms are your body’s warning signal telling you that something is wrong. When we mask these symptoms with medications we allow the abnormal function of the nerve system to continue which then brings on abnormal body function and dis-ease processes within the body.

At our office the first thing we do with someone with headaches is run a complete biomechanical analysis of the upper cervical spine and then begin restoring nerve function if subluxation is present. Next we then follow the other RENEW principles to make sure that the headaches are not due to or have contributing factors associated with exposure to environmental toxins, poor food choices etc. Only by finding the cause of the headaches and improving body function can people reach 100% of their health potential.