Community Outreach

The health of our country is in a state of crisis. 90% of all health care expenditures are due to end stage illnesses yet 90% of all end stage illnesses are preventable! We now have more people sick, suffering and dying in our country due to the western lifestyle and a false healthcare model then there are sick, suffering and dying people in third world countries. Our mission at Health Solutions Chiropractic is, ​”To end unnecessary sickness, disease and suffering by improving nerve system function, by empowering people with the tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle and by teaching people the truth that the power that made the body, heals the body”.

Disease can be prevented and even reversed through the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits and we are dedicated to bring these life changing and life saving principles to our community through innovative, motivational and inspirational workshops and programs for your place of business, church group or organization. We have helped thousands of people over the years and we welcome the opportunity to empower your group to achieve a level of health, happiness and productivity that they never thought possible.

Step #1 Creating a Relationship

The road to having a healthier workplace, church group or book club starts by tailoring a workshop or event that meets the immediate needs of your group. We take great pride in knowing that your group will learn the truth and be able to make immediate, positive changes after attending one of our workshops.

Some of the workshops we offer include: The Total Health Makeover, Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days, Nutrition & Smart Shopping, The Truth About Diabetes, Heart Health and Best Shape of Your Life in 12 Minutes a Day.

Step #2 the event/makeover

We believe that in order to empower people you need to inspire people! We blend cutting edge scientific information, innovative engagement protocols, and a passion for people into our health workshops that we call makeovers. Our Makeovers are fun, entertaining and most importantly, packed full of real life information that will help each and every person of your group reach 100% of their health potential.

You can expect the same level of excellence that we have provided to countless other professional, collegiate and business organizations.

Step #3 Follow up

Lasting change does not come after reading a book or attending a seminar. After the initial workshop, we will challenge your group to stick with the program that has been laid out for them by offering group competitions and/or challenges.

We make sure that we are available to your group for follow up questions, tips or to offer motivation while they begin their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

Step #4 Partners for health

Our goal is to be available to your group to ensure all of your employees/members can live life to the fullest. We will continue to provide you with resources and ways to continue the educational process so each and every person will have the opportunity to reach their health goals.

Through our newsletters, monthly in office workshops, and follow up workshops with your group you can expect to see changes that you never thought were possible.