Synopsis Of Our Events

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Nutrition & Lifestyle Makeovers

These are our 3 hour, life-changing events in which we teach the RENEW principles to reversing disease and leading a healthy life!  Attendees learn how to Restore nerve function, Eliminate bad foods and toxins, Nourish the mind, Energize the body and achieve Wellness for life! If you want to absolutely transform your life these are a MUST event!

Recipe Nights

Typically following one of our makeover’s we invite our patients and their guests to make a dish from our nutrition plan book and bring it to a pot-luck event.  This gives our patients the ability to sample different dishes and show them how fun, tasty, and easy healthy eating can be.

Shop with the Doc

Trying to find the healthy foods in a grocery store can sometimes be overwhelming.  At Shop with the Doc, we personally take you around the store to give you a map of where to find the approved foods so you spend 15 minutes shopping instead of 2 hours.

Healthy Living Workshops

These are one half hour to one hour workshops on varying health topics that we provide for our patients and their guests. These workshops are designed to keep our patients up to date on the latest health topics and to continue their education on implementing the RENEW principles into their lifestyle.


Webinars are provided to our patients so they can continue learning healthy lifestyle habits from the comfort and ease of their home computer.

Patient Appreciation Day’s

These are special days in our office where we provide different sample foods, shakes etc for all of our patients. We also allow patients to invite their family and friends to the office for special savings on new patient procedures (exams/x-rays).

Patient Appreciation Dinners

We provide these special, invitation only dinners to our best patients who are implementing the RENEW principles into their lifestyle and are sharing this life saving information with family and friends.

Community Dinners

We host these dinners to introduce the community and our patients’ family and friends to the wonderful health benefits of the RENEW health transformation program. The event starts off with a quick 20-30 minute workshop on how we implement the RENEW principles into our patients’ lifestyle and then we treat everyone in attendance to a healthy dinner!