Life changing results

What we do at our office is very unique and different compared to most other health care facilities.  However, it is what we do different that helps us get such amazing results with our patients.

The main reason people are suffering from health problems today is because the majority of people do not truly understand what health really is.  Only through gaining an understanding of what health really is can someone then select the right treatment protocols and implement the correct wellness philosophy to improve their health and well being.

So what is health?

The definition of health is: “The state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.  Therefore, health, in its simplest terms is being in a state of normal function – physically, mentally and socially.  So if you want to gain physical health you first have to know what controls function in the body.

​There are many things that can help someone with their health… exercise, diet, stress reduction, supplements, yet none of these things control the function and healing of the body.  If you were to take someone who was alive and someone who was dead, cut both of their arms with a knife, then feed both of them nutritious meals and supplements whose cut would heal?  Obviously the living person would heal and the dead person wouldn’t no matter how many times we did this test.  Even though we gave both the living and the dead person nutrition and supplements which help function, the nutrition and supplements obviously didn’t control function of the dead persons cut would have healed as well.

So what controls function?

Pills, potions, lotions, foods or exercise do not control function.  Again, they can help with function but they do not control function.

What controls function in the human body is the brain and spinal cord or Central Nervous System (CNS). In fact, the definition of the CNS is as follows:

“The CNS controls, coordinates and gives function to every cell, every tissue and every organ in the entire body”.

​Therefore, for someone to have normal function of the cells, tissues and organs of the body and as a result to be considered healthy, the Central Nervous System must work at optimal levels without any interference to its normal function.  The most common way to damage or interfere with the function of the CNS is to have abnormal positioning of the armor-like bones (vertebrae) that protect the CNS.  This misalignment of the vertebrae is called subluxation. ​

Subluxation causes interference to the normal functioning of the CNS which in turn causes the cells, tissues and organs of the body to function improperly.  By definition, when you suffer from subluxation, the result is abnormal or less than optimal health.

Our focus and understanding of health

We focus on improving body function over symptom management.  We understand that symptoms are just warning signs that something is mal-functioning in the body. By focusing on body function we get to the root cause of our patients condition(s) which, in turn, sets our patients up for optimum levels of health, vitality and success.

We understand that the human body was created to be a self-healing, self-regulating organism and we understand that when we remove interference to the body’s ability to function properly it will begin to heal and repair itself on its own.  Our RENEW program was designed to help guide our patients through the process of increasing body function. It is also the main reason why so many miracles occur in our office on a daily basis.  By following the RENEW program and principles our patients not only rid themselves of pain and symptoms it is not uncommon for them to get their body functioning so well that they are able to get off their medications, lose 20, 30 or 50 pounds, reverse their allergies, asthma or type II diabetes, gain control of their life and transform themselves into the healthy, vibrant person that they were created to be!