Frequently Asked Questions

What diseases or conditions can you help?

​We see all types of diseases in our office and all types of diseases get better in our office on a daily basis yet we don’t actively “treat” any of them.  We focus on getting our patients’ bodies functioning at a higher level so they can better heal and repair themselves.  It doesn’t matter if someone has heart disease, type II diabetes, asthma, allergies or any other condition.  The reason someone is experiencing the symptoms of these diseases is because their body is not functioning properly.  Abnormal function is the only one true cause of all disease.  If someone has been diagnosed with high cholesterol it’s not because God forgot to put enough Lipitor into their body!   Again, the reason we see so many “miracles” in our office is because we don’t focus on the symptom of the disease process, we work on restoring normal function of the body so it can start healing and repairing itself at a higher level.

You mention “reach your God-given health potential”.

Do you try to convert people or do I have to believe in God to receive treatment?

​It is a scientific fact that the body is a self-healing organism however, where this power and intelligence of the body to heal itself comes from is a mystery.  We believe that this innate intelligence comes from God.  Whether you believe that the intelligence that controls all of the function and healing in your body is from God, some other higher power, or is just nature and natural law, it will always be a fact none the less.  Our mission is to help sick and suffering people heal regardless if they are Christians, Buddists, Muslims or Agnostic not to convert people to our way of thinking as to why they are healing.

I had a back surgery already, can you help me?

Most people who have had back surgery need care more than those who haven’t had surgery.  Sometimes where the surgery took place is still correctable and sometimes it isn’t (we would have to evaluate you first), however, even if the surgical site is not 100% correctable we have had amazing results correcting the spine above and below the damaged area (surgical site) thereby increasing nerve system function.  Think about it this way.  If your spinal cord was like a hose and your nerve impulses were like the water flowing through the hose to feed the flowers (or organs in this case), would it be better to have three “kinks” in the hose or just the one “kink” where the surgery took place?

I have been dealing with my problems for a long time and I have tried everything.  This sounds good but what if it doesn’t work?

​Don’t worry, as the old Nike commercial used to say… Just do it!  Dr. Thompson only accepts cases that he truly believes he can help.  Also, this isn’t just our job, this is our mission.  Dr. Thompson has a rare policy that you don’t find in health care that often.  If you follow the doctor’s orders and do not get results he will give you your money back.

Should I get my family checked for subluxation even if they feel good?

​Absolutely!  You never want to wait for symptoms to develop because symptoms always show up at the end of the disease process.  By the time you start experiencing symptoms you therefore already have the disease and it is more difficult to correct.  We believe every man, woman & child has right to be healthy which also means they should have ability to get checked for subluxation and abnormal function of the nerve system.  We offer programs at our office to ensure everyone can get checked for subluxation.